#PlasticfreeMICE – Ditching single use plastic items from our meeting rooms is possible

The Meetings Incentive Conferences and Events segment of tourism, also know as MICE could have a significantly larger environmental footprint than other segments of tourism. But it is rarely addressed when sustainable tourism is addressed

There are more than 50 million MICE travelers annually.  This figures may be conservative because it may not capture in-country travel for MICE, especially in areas where data is not properly captured.

Events take a heavy toll on our resources, society and the environment. They can generate significant waste, put a strain on local resources like water or energy, or even ignite tensions in local communities.

Take an exmaple of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, largest carnival in the world with 2M people on the streets every day for 6 days. what could the impact be? Do organisers take account of the potential environmental impacts? How an we limit impacts in events.

At the 4th Green Tourism Summit Africa 2018, held in Nyeri kenya, in June, Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda (STTA) in collaboration with Zuri Events, a sustainable events management organisations, committed to launch a campaign to rid the MICE sector of single use plastic items like plastic water bottles and straws.

STTA launched this campaign in July and is inviting  conference facilities and conference providers to join the green honour list by ditching single use plastic items as a start.



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